Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Test Minis

So here are the 5 miniatures that I painted

I know they are not the best pics, the one picked for my scheme is the one on the far right, the one 2 to the left was a close second. This mini was painted by putting down a basecoat of Dwarf Bronze, then painting everything else with a basecoat. After that I coat the entire mini in Badab Black wash, after that is dry I will go back and reclaim some of the original color and then hit the colors with one highlight to make the colors pop.

Now that I have a paint scheme I have to decide on a base scheme, I am thinking urban rubble, there is a company called Dragonforge that makes resin bases and they have some really nice urban rubble.

Till next time!


  1. Good pick for a scheme! They are all well paintedl, but the 2nd from the right looks (in the picture at least) a bit shiny and bright.

  2. That one is the brightest of the bunch, not I just have to think of what to do with 5 bronze, but not the same looking bolter marines.