Thursday, October 20, 2011

Elam Courbray

Here is a breakdown of the bits I've decided to use to make my Elam Courbray model.  I consider this a pretty straightforward conversion, any 40k player who's been around for more than 5 minutes will recognize the bits I'm using.

 I like to convert models, to give my armies their own feel, but I never go too crazy.  My hand isn't steady enough to sculpt greenstuff, well sculpt it effectively at least.  When this model is done, I think it will be unique, yet a fairly simple design.
The basis for the Sword Excellus is going to be the power sword from the Emperor's Champion model.  I've loved this sword design for years.  It gives the idea it is meant to be used two-handed, which I think properly reflects Excellus' ability to be used for multiple power weapon attacks or one attack at double strength, rending.

 The bolt pistol and shoulder pad is from the chaplain with jump pack, you'll see more of him in a moment.

 The jetpack is a Mk 2 pack from Forgeworld.  The body of the marine this was stolen from will be used in one of my Assault squads or Vanguard squads.

                                      A decapitated Grey Knight Terminator head....

And here is the body.  I love the pose, but will have to remove the head and the Crozius. 

And here are all the parts together.  In a few days I hopefully will be able to post a picture of the assembled model.  Painting, well with me, that will take awhile, but it will be done.


  1. I can't wait to see this guy assembled and painted. I'm hoping to paint my Corien Sumatris this weekend. He's all converted and primed.

  2. I agree that I think he is going to turn out amazing. I have to wait until I can start on my Chapter Master, but that is ok, I have plenty to work on in the meantime.