Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fire Hawks

Andy here. My goal on this journey is to complete a Fire Hawks Army. Why Fire Hawks, you ask? It is well known by those who game with me, I pick army themes I like, and then figure out the rules later. Sometimes this produces results that are less than optimal for the gaming table (my all-scout Crimson Fist army is a tale for another day). So, after I got my hands on Imperial Armour 9 earlier this year, I read the section for the Fire Hawks, and knew I had my Badab Army picked. Not so much because of what happened to them during the Badab War, but what will happen to the Chapter in their future. Since then, I've been acquiring models bit by bit; now it's time to assemble and then paint.

The models will consist of a few things, Tactical Squads will be the out of production Legion of the Damned models, but painted as Fire Hawks at the time of the Badab War. I will do some modifications there to reduce the skull motif and emphasize the flame motif, but will leave some to not just make those classic models into any old vanilla marines.

My Assault and Vanguard Squads are going to be a mix of regular Assault Marines, Forge World Mark 2 Assault Marines, and Forge World Mark 5 Assault Marines.

My elites at this point will probably be an Assault Terminator Squad and a Sternguard Squad. Turns out from a conversation this last weekend with Galin, that he and I shared a similar idea for using the current generation Legion of the Damned models for a Sternguard squad in an army (besides it would be unfluffy to use LotD at the time of Badab and there isn't another way for me to take a heavy flamer with a marine in power armor).

I'm undecided on my Heavy Support, but should make a decision soon. I am going back and forth between Devastators and Vindicators. More on that later.

This will all be lead by Elam Courbray, the Fire Hawks character from IA9. FW doesn't provide a model, so he will be made from parts from the Chaplin with jetpack, the Emperor's Champion, FW jetpack, and a Grey Knight head. Really hope to share pictures of his progression.

Courbray's rules allow his command squad to have jetpacks. I still have a few decisions to make about them.

Where does this all start? Basically I have all the models I discussed above, with the exception of the Heavy Support choices. Now the work needs to begin. I hope to keep a steady pace between now and April, too often I jump into something, get bored, then only come back to it right before the deadline. Already have a weekend set in early November to work with Kayle and the Gammonseses. That should help keep me on track.

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