Sunday, March 11, 2012

Picture-less boring update

Last Drop Pod assembled and primed. Last unpainted Sternguard Squad primed. Progress made on partially painted Assault Squad. Command Squad painted and dipped, under fans drying right now. Edit: see here for update:

27 models finished. I hope to have another 15 finished before the big day (the above mentioned Assault Squad and my Terminator Squad). That leaves 37 models, and 3 Drop Pods. As bad as I feel to say those won't be done, my goal for those 37 models is to have a base coat of Mechrite Red, shoulder pads Iyanden Darksun, weapons and backpacks Boltgun Metal, and the Drop Pods to have their 3 base coats of the same three colors finished. While they won't be pretty to look at, they will add some color to the table.

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