Sunday, March 4, 2012

8th Company, Fire Hawks Chapter

An update to my work on the Fire Hawks:

Everything so far.  Completed:  Elam Courbray, Chaplain, Vanguard Squad, Tactical Squad.  In progress:  Command Squad, Assault Squad, 2 Drop Pods.  Primed:  Vanguard Squad, Tactical Squad, Terminator Squad, Terminator Assault Squad.  Unprimed:  Sternguard Squad.  Not pictured:  Unassembled Drop Pod.

Elam Courbray. Better Picture than the other evening.

Chaplain.  Finished him today.  Didn't dip him, but used a wash on him.  Still needs to be matte sprayed.

Vanguard Squad.  Had some blistering when I matte sprayed them, despite having waited FOUR DAYS after I dipped them to spray them.  None of the blistering flaked away, and I did some touch-up painting over the bad spots.

Tactical Squad.  Were dipped yesterday.  Will make some paint touch-ups, then will wait a long time to matte spray them.

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