Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Imperial Guard Painting Update

I figured I'd join in and post a few of the units that are in progress, right now it's a couple of squads out fo the many I have. I've been reading up on Badab (as my knowledge of it is very thin) and trying to work out what's best to put in a list. This is something I'm pretty terrible at, so I figured I'll work on troops as I'm planning on bringing plenty along to the fight. For all of the troops in my army I've opted to use the dipping method, which really makes the daunting task of painting a horde of troops, not so bad, and far less intimidating.

Here's a squad all ready to be dipped.

Here's a squad freshly dipped and still shiny!

Here's a squad that's totally finished, based, and ready to go.


  1. They look great buddy. If you want you can come to Madison sometime in the near future and we can make a list together. Also we're doing a few painting days and nights here in Madison in the next two weeks. You're welcome to attend.

  2. You can always PM me too, on facebook, I've started playing a little guard. And I'm baller at list building.

  3. Awesome, will do. Once I have a list built the goal will be to make sure that list gets painted...I'm thinking I should be able to pull that off by next March....hopefully...haha.